11 Jul 2024

A collection of the best materials from the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum has been published

01 Jul 2024
A book that changes your world-view

A collection of abstracts of the finalists of the XIV EEYF Congresses is being prepared for publication.

15 May 2024
Results of the XIV EEYF

It became the largest and grandest in the entire history of the Forum

25 Apr 2024
The Sri Lankans want to read Gorky and Dostoevsky in the original

USUE rector Yakov Silin met with a delegation from Sri Lanka

24 Apr 2024
Education is a driver of integration

Rectors of universities of Russia and 9 other countries discussed the future of higher education

24 Apr 2024
Diplomats’ Forum

Economic sovereignty and international cooperation bring countries and peoples hope for the future

24 Apr 2024
A Russian university degree is the key to success abroad

Diplomats told the participants of the XIV EEYF about the relationship between friendly countries in Africa and related to higher education

24 Apr 2024
About language, education and visas

H.E. Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation, Janitha Liyanage, answered questions from Ural journalists

23 Apr 2024
Grand opening of the XIV EEYF

On April 23, the grand opening of the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum took place at the Yekaterinburg-EXPO exhibition center

23 Apr 2024
Astonishing scale

oday, Yekaterinburg-EXPO hosted the festival of cultures “Around the World”

23 Apr 2024
Dialogue on Equals

Diplomats met with students-participants of the XIV EEYF

22 Apr 2024
What they don't teach at the journalism department

At USUE, they discussed the intricacies of the work of modern war correspondents.

22 Apr 2024
Adults have a lot to learn from children

The Schoolchildren Congress included a competition of projects for school students of Entrepreneurial Classes.

22 Apr 2024
Twelve against one - an interesting game!

As part of the XIV EEYF, a simultaneous display with grandmaster Rafael Vaganyan took place

22 Apr 2024
II Media Forum within the framework of the XIV EEYF

At USUE, journalists discussed the challenges and prospects of Eurasian integration.

22 Apr 2024
Schoolchildren Congress within the framework of XIV EEYF

Today, at USUE, research papers are being defended by 130 talented school students from Russia and the CIS countries

22 Apr 2024

Today the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum has started its work at USUE.

19 Apr 2024
It is important, interesting, and massive

Representatives from 114 countries of the world will come to USUE to talk about economics. The XIV EEYF will open this Monday

17 Apr 2024

Currently, 16,723 people have confirmed their participation in the economic forum

07 Apr 2024

Registration of participants in scientific competitions has been completed; experts and guests can still join the XIV EEYF

03 Apr 2024
All professions are important! All professions are in need!

The organizers announced the finalists of the international video competition “I Choose...”

13 Mar 2024
Plus 8 countries

Preparations for the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum have headed in the homestretch.

20 Feb 2024
West and East

11 universities will become partners of the XIV EEYF

02 Feb 2024
80 days to EEYF!

USUE hosted a meeting of the organizing committee for preparing the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum

24 Jan 2024
Registration for the XIV EEYF breaks records

Dozens of diplomats have already submitted applications to participate

04 Jan 2024
Registration for XIV EEYF is open

During one day, over 900 persons have registered for the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum

15 Dec 2023
Talking about important things

USUE Vice-Rector for Social Work and Youth Policy Roman Krasnov met with diplomats

05 Dec 2023
What is the 14th EEYF dedicated to?

The theme of the upcoming Eurasian Economic Youth Forum has been announced

24 Nov 2023
There will be more competitions!

USUE hosted a meeting of the organizing committee of the 14th EEYF

09 Nov 2023
Once again, we are waiting for KEU students at USUE

Once again, we are waiting for KEU students at USUE

09 Oct 2023
Distance is not a barrier for friendship

We are waiting for a diplomat at the XIV EEFM

22 Sep 2023
The dates of XIV EEYF have been decided

The XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum is set to take place on 22 - 26 April 2024.

04 Sep 2023
The University of Vavuniya will participate in the XIV EEYF

Representatives of the University of Vavuniya (Sri Lanka) confirmed their participation in the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum - 2024.

10 Aug 2023
How about the theme

The forum coordinators have again announced a competition for the best theme of the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

28 Jul 2023
XIV EEYF is waiting for Sri Lanka’s universities

Two universities in Sri Lanka have confirmed participation in the XIV EEYF

25 Jul 2023
Representatives of Sri Lanka University will visit the Urals

An agreement between USUE and USJ is being prepared for signing

06 Jul 2023
Education for export

USUE is interested in teaching students from Burundi

03 Jul 2023
Governor supports EEYF

EEYF is a forum that helps reveal the potential of the Sverdlovsk region

28 Jun 2023
The first president of Kyrgyzstan visiting USUE

A meeting with the first President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Askar Akayev, was held at Ural State University of Economics.

20 Jun 2023
They placed a bet on youth and did not lose

USUE Rector assessed EEYF in an interview given to Komsomolskaya Pravda

15 Jun 2023
Let ideas come true!

The best abstracts of youth projects, lectures and reports of the XIII EEYF will soon be published

30 May 2023
Science and personnel — potential for the development of the EAEU

The participants of the II Eurasian Economic Forum discussed the basis of Eurasian integration in education and science.

19 May 2023
Be as in Chile — love poets!

An exhibition of Chilean literature has been opened at USUE

16 May 2023
Turn to the South-East

Sergei Glazyev urged strengthening educational interaction in Eurasia

12 May 2023
About XIII EEYF in different languages

Ambassadors of different countries thank USUE for hosting the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum

05 May 2023

Video details of the XIII EEYF

02 May 2023
Trays, porcelain and money

During the EEYF days, USUE hosted a unique exposition

29 Apr 2023
Genuine interest in the technologies of the ancients

Participants and guests of the XIII EEYF are engaged not only in science but also in creativity

28 Apr 2023
They are the future of science

The winners of the competitions of the XIII EEYF Congresses have been awarded

28 Apr 2023
UN goals through the eyes of youth

The results of the first drawing competition in the history of the EEYF have been summed up

27 Apr 2023
Marketing Challenge

As part of the 13th EEYF, Ural State University of Economics hosted the competition “Trento Marketing Challenge.”

27 Apr 2023
Stars of Eurasia

The results of the work of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum sites have been summed up

27 Apr 2023
Young intellectuals are fast and joyful!

Schoolchildren from seven CIS countries took part in the quiz “Intellect of Eurasia”

27 Apr 2023
Not a word about politics

On the sidelines of the XIII EEYF, international students met with representatives of their countries

27 Apr 2023
Business Eurasia

Representatives of different countries create the economy of the future and at the same time receive serious expert and advisory support

27 Apr 2023
A language that unites peoples

Experts discussed issues of establishing Russian language centers abroad on the sidelines of the 13th EEYF

27 Apr 2023

The competition of employers’ cases “HR GROWTH” ended today at Ural State University of Economics as part of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

27 Apr 2023
Competition of essays

Students-participants of the XIII EEYF described the trends in the economic development of the world

27 Apr 2023
Cities of Russia: Open the future

The authors presented cities of the future, tourism development projects, municipal development strategies, ecological parks, and much more

27 Apr 2023
Startups for the future

Participants of the XIII EEYF announced business ideas in the field of tourism for 2023

27 Apr 2023

As part of the XIII EEYF, an international website building championship was held.

26 Apr 2023

In Yekaterinburg residence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Forum of Rectors took place within the framework of the XIII EEYF.

26 Apr 2023
And The Hall is full...

At the end of the main program of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, guests, experts and contestants were treated to a rich musical program at the Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic

26 Apr 2023
Who are they - the heroes of our time?

As part of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, a challenge in the style of TikTok “Hero of Our Time” was held at the Congress of Strategists

26 Apr 2023
The more wins, the stronger the opponents

Within the framework of the XIII EEYF, the III International Chess Tournament “Ural Queen is being held.

26 Apr 2023
Sambists at USUE

National SAMBO competitions among students of the zonal stage “Student Sambo League Cup” have ended in Yekaterinburg.

26 Apr 2023
A multipolar world already exists

The third day of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum traditionally begins with a meeting of representatives of the embassy corps, which was attended by representatives of 44 states, including India, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, Argentina.

26 Apr 2023
Tricks of the trade

A master class from journalism guru and professional networking were held as part of the XIII EEYF

25 Apr 2023
The principles of a multipolar world are to realize the youth

The opening ceremony and the plenary session of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum took place at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Center.

25 Apr 2023
Dialogue on equal terms

The second day of XIII EEYF started with a meeting of diplomats and students

25 Apr 2023
We speak the same in all languages

The festival of cultures “Around the World” has established new bridges of friendship.

25 Apr 2023
Road to the heights

The international competition of the XIII EEYF "Debut in Science" ended with new victories.

25 Apr 2023
What is our life? A game!

Today, employers are trying to present the everyday life of employees as an element of a computer game

25 Apr 2023
To win and hold one’s own

National SAMBO competitions are held as part of the XIII EEYF

24 Apr 2023
An encounter with grandmaster

Participants of the XIII EEYF media forum competed in a simultaneous play with the international grandmaster, winner of two World Chess Olympiads, two World Team Championships, three European Team Championships, Rafael Vaganian.

24 Apr 2023
What are journalists talking about?

At the plenary session of the Media Forum, journalists discussed censorship, blogging, and lack of staff

24 Apr 2023
XIII EEYF has started with Media Forum

The topic of the Media Forum is Operation of Media under the New Political, Economic and International Reality

17 Apr 2023
We welcome the XIII EEYF finalists from St. Petersburg

Three students will represent the northern capital of Russia in the finals of the XIII EEYF competition program

14 Apr 2023
The finalists of the XIII EEYF in Kyrgyzstan have been announced

Ten students will represent the republic in the finals of the forum in Yekaterinburg

11 Apr 2023
Finalists of XIII EEYF from Azerbaijan have been announced

Three students from Azerbaijan will come to the finals of the XIII EEYF in Yekaterinburg

07 Apr 2023
The finalists of the XIII EEYF from Belarus have been announced!

The qualifying round of the research competition for young scientists and students “Future’s Quality: A New Reality of Sustainable Development” has ended at the Belarusian State Economic University within the Congress of Entrepreneurship and Engineering of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

07 Apr 2023
The finalists of the XIII EEYF from Tajikistan have been announced!

XIII EEYF brought together almost 100 participants, experts and guests from the Republic of Tajikistan. Tajik National University hosted national rounds of competitions with TNU students as participants.

06 Apr 2023
They play their own game

In 2023, over 300 children and adolescents will become participants in the Congress of Schoolchildren at the XIII EEYF.

06 Apr 2023
The finalists of the XIII EEYF from Uzbekistan have been announced!

The national rounds of the XIII EEYF competitions were held at Tashkent State University of Economics. About a hundred students and young scientists of the Republic of Uzbekistan took part in them.

05 Apr 2023
The Congress of strategists encourages creative thinking.

Participants of the Congress of Strategists of the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum know how to form an innovative economy and talent pool.

04 Apr 2023
One expert for every 8 participants

The Organizing Committee of the EEYF Congress of Entrepreneurship and Engineering has started to select finalists

29 Mar 2023
About cyber protectors and cyber sportsmen

Over 1,200 people will take part in the XIII EEYF Congress of Innovators

17 Mar 2023
Who visualizes the dream world better?

All faces of sustainable development - at the online exhibition of creative works of young people. Please vote for the best exhibit!

15 Mar 2023
Soon-to-be management and law

About 1,000 ideas for the management and development of the legal sphere have been proposed by the participants of the XIII EEYF

14 Mar 2023
Let’s draw - let’s live!

Participants of the XIII EEYF can depict a wonderful world of the future and send their works before March 20

07 Mar 2023
Young people want to build their future themselves

The EEYF Congress of Economists and Financiers has collected the most applications to date

01 Mar 2023
EEYF competition program will start soon

Over 3,500 participants of the XIII EEYF have registered at 11 sites

15 Feb 2023
Another EEYF site in Kyrgyzstan

Osh State University became a partner of the XIII EEYF

10 Feb 2023
Ten out EEYF venues have chosen contests

USUE co-organizing universities opened registration for participation in EEYF competitions

08 Feb 2023
Registration for XIII EEYF goes on

The number of registered participants of the XIII EEYF has quadrupled within a week

07 Feb 2023
The University of Moratuwa is a new partner of USUE

USUE continues to develop international cooperation with the universities of Sri Lanka

01 Feb 2023
XIII EEYF grows with partners

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation became a co-organizer of the XIII EEYF

20 Jan 2023
Almaty Technological University has joined XIII EEYF

There will be two EEYF sites in the Republic of Kazakhstan

13 Jan 2023
Competent dialogue to move forward

Heads of Russian and foreign universities will meet again at the EEFM

12 Jan 2023
Mayor of Yekaterinburg supports the XIII EEYF

Head of Yekaterinburg Aleksei Orlov held a meeting dedicated to the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

12 Jan 2023
Dialogue of continents

Diplomats from fourteen foreign governments in Russia have expressed interest in participating in the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, which will be held from 24 th to 28 th, 2023.

08 Dec 2022
The young growth of the EEYF is getting stronger

Rector of USUE Yakov Silin visited the Kyrgyz Economic University named after M. Ryskulbekova (KEU) in Bishkek which is one of the international sites of the XII EEYF. The Tree of Friendship grows on the territory of the university.