Kokovikhin Alexander Yuryevich - Director of the Congress, Director of the Institute of Digital Management Technologies and Information Security USUE, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

A launching pad for professional, career and personal growth in project activities, information technology and digital business, the opportunity to realize creative potential. Congress participants present their developments, projects, learn the latest digital business management technologies. Training is conducted by international experts, mentors in interactive formats: business games, round tables, master classes. Innovators present their developments for commercialization and entry into the Eurasian market of digital technologies, products and services. They discuss the creation and development of business in the conditions of Eurasian economic integration, the features of the "digital" business, the creation of effective business teams.

Congress coordinators

Zubkova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
+7 (343) 283-10-98
Abramova Anastasia Vladimirovna
+7 (343) 283-10-98




Kurdyumov Alexander Vasilievich - Director of the Congress, Director of the Institute of State, Municipal Administration and Law, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

The Congress of Management and Law is a launching pad for the professional and personal growth of young people. The Congress program is designed in such a way that each participant can realize their potential and develop innovative management skills, improve legal competencies through the work of leading Russian and foreign experts and the introduction of interactive forms of interaction.

  • Competitions within the framework of the congress have a broad focus and are focused on the synergy of scientific developments, business interests, combined with the development of the creative potential of participants. Congress participants have the opportunity to:

    • get acquainted with leading practitioners, representatives of the expert community and research scientists;
    • learn the latest technologies of state and business management;
    • to form the skills of conducting comparative legal research, developing recommendations for improving legislation;
    • present the results of their own scientific and practical projects, as well as participate in discussions on the most relevant topics.


Congress coordinators

Gromova Nataliy Sergeevna
+7 (343) 283-12-09

Spichkin Maxim Yurievich
+7 (343) 283-12-09





Dvoryadkina Elena Borisovna - Director of the Congress, Director of the Institute of Economics and Finance USUE, Doctor of Economics, Professor

The Congress of Economists and Financiers was created as a launching pad for the career and personal growth of young people in science, project activities and entrepreneurship, to realize their creative potential. It is a platform for discussions on topical areas of the national and world economy and finance, the exchange of constructive ideas of young people in response to modern challenges. The competition program is a powerful resource for the implementation of economic and financial ideas and opportunities for young people with the support of experienced experts.

The congress program is aimed at presenting and promoting on the market constructive and effective projects in the field of business and the economy of ideas that can ensure stability in the face of global economic crises and political upheavals; solving existing and potential financial problems and threats, as well as the formation of a new financial architecture that takes into account the realities of today and the prospects for economic growth after the pandemic.

Congress events provide young people with access to the latest and most relevant training programs from the expert community in the field of economics and finance, allowing you to initiate professional communication between young people and experts in the Eurasian and global space.

Key participants of the competitive events: experts in the field of macro-, micro- and mesoeconomics, finance, banking, public administration and local government, logistics, corporate governance, municipal economy, ecology, as well as students of all forms of education and young scientists of the above areas.

Congress coordinators

Mironov Denis Sergeevich
+7 (343) 283-12-68
Lenisheva Yana Igorevna
+7 (343) 283-12-68



26 Apr 2023 10:30 - 15:30


Solovieva Vera Petrovna, Director of the Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship and Engineering, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

The Congress of Entrepreneurship and Engineering brings together scientific and applied areas of development of small and medium-sized businesses; services, consumer market, food and processing industries and serves as a discussion platform for the exchange of views of representatives of the business community, industry associations, authorities and the educational environment.

Key participants: small and medium-sized businesses; wholesale and retail trade, catering and food industry, tourism and hospitality, logistics companies of the Ural region and the Russian Federation, as well as students of educational institutions of relevant areas and training profiles.

Topical issues: entrepreneurship; development of small and medium business; management and marketing of organizations; technologies for promoting and selling products and services; innovative technologies aimed at the development of the region; import substitution; food security and biotechnology; examination of the quality of goods and services; issues of population nutrition and nutrition; consumer rights Protection


Congress coordinators

Lazarev Vladimir Alexandrovich
+7 (343) 283-11-26




Yalunina Ekaterina Nikolaevna  - Director of the Institute of Continuous and Distance Education USUE, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor

The most beautiful and deepest experience that falls to the lot of a person is a feeling of mystery. It underlies all the most profound trends in art and science. Anyone who has not experienced this sensation seems to me, if not a dead man, then, in any case, blind.

Albert Einstein 

The Congress of Strategists was created as a launching pad for young scientists, specialists and experts, which makes it possible to increase the interest of young scientists and students in their chosen profession, identify gifted youth, and form human resources for research, administrative, production and entrepreneurial activities.

Congress program: one of the main topics will be the state policy in the field of innovation and the development of the digital economy. The relevance of the discussion is due to the need to increase the competitiveness of the national economy on the world stage, which is impossible without leadership in the field of innovative technologies and human resources


Congress coordinators

Tsibikov Viktor Alexandrovich
+7 (343) 283-12-14
Demchenko Natalya Vasilievna
+7 (343) 283-11-91




Martyanova Irina Evgenievna  - Director of the Congress

The platform is designed for a wide range of participants - students of schools from grades 1 to 11, colleges, as well as teachers who introduce innovations in teaching children.

The purpose of the congress is to create conditions for the formation of interest among children and youth in cognitive, creative, experimental research, intellectual, scientific activities in various fields of knowledge.

Congress coordinators

Pastushkova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
responsible coordinator from USUE
+7 343 283-01-01, +7 (343) 283-12-13



Kocheryan Maxim Arturovich - Head of Events, Head of the Department for Sports, Mass and Recreational Work, USUE

Every year, during the EEYF, the Ural State University of Economics becomes a center of attraction for sports youth.

Within the framework of the Forum, major sports competitions are held mainly in national sports.

The main goal of organizing and holding competitions that are popular in the Eurasian space is to increase interethnic tolerance and strengthen friendship between peoples, develop national sports, educate patriotism, attract young people to regular sports and a healthy lifestyle:


International tournament on national Yakut wrestling mas-wrestling

Ice show "Way to the North" with the participation of A. Yagudin

Hockey game

80 participants


Regional tournament on city sports

45 participants


Climbing European Cup

Over 100 athletes from 8 countries


International Belt Wrestling Tournament "Eurasia Cup 2014"

160 wrestlers from 14 countries of Eurasia


Eurasian Festival"Physical perfection - the VI stage of the VFSK GTO", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victoryin the Great Patriotic War

120 participants


International Belt Wrestling Tournament "Eurasia Cup 2016" in the open weight category

30 participants



Simultaneous chess session with Grandmaster L.F.Saunina

On 15 boards


International festival of national types of wrestling (two tournaments):

  • International Eurasian Team SAMBO Tournament "Ural Mountains"
  • International Tournament "Eurasia Cup 2018" in belt wrestling among students
  • Mini football cup among foreign students AIS

120 wrestlers from 12 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa




8 teams



Open championship of the Sverdlovsk region in tug-of-war "Ural belt"


Team chess match-tournament "Grand Nutcracker" (team of veterans of the Sverdlovsk region against the student team of the Sverdlovsk region)

64 participants (8 teams)


On 10 boards






Simultaneous chess session with A.E. Karpov


Regional Chess Tournament "Ural Queen" A.E. Karpova          

On 20 boards



42 participants



Open Regional Chess Tournament "Ural Queen" A.E. Karpova

89 participants



April 25: All-Russian SAMBO competition among students


April 26: Open Regional Chess Tournament "Ural Queen" them. A.E. Karpova


Congress coordinators

Darovskikh Vladimir Anatolievich
Director of the Sports and Recreation Complex USUE






Egorova Marina Valerievna -  Head of the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens

The all-university competition of scientific and educational projects of young foreign teachers "Creative educational technologies at the university" is held by FSBEI HE "Ural State University of Economics" (USUE).

Congress coordinators

Svetlichnaya Daria Vladimirovna
+7  (996) 183-26-48



Matveeva Alla Ivanovna - Head of the competition from USUE, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Creative Management and Humanities, Director of the Master's Institute USUE

It takes place online. The competition is organized by Ural State University of Economics (USUE); UNESCO Club "Sovushka" and United Nations Information Centre in Moscow, with the support of the Interim Committee for the Accreditation of UNESCO Clubs under the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the Contest: dissemination of information about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (hereinafter referred to as SDGs), as well as about the activities of the UN, UNESCO and the World Movement of UNESCO Clubs, their principles and ideals; encouraging partnerships within the framework of the Sustainable Development Agenda; involve young people in active cooperation for the implementation of the SDGs; creation of favorable conditions for the realization of the creative potential of children and youth by means of fine arts.

Objectives of the competition: development of the creative potential of the exhibition participants, aimed at the formation of citizenship and patriotism; increasing the motivation of children to understand the spiritual and moral aspects in human life; development of creative activity of children; creation of a favorable environment for creative communication, a situation of success.

Congress coordinators

Matveeva Alla Ivanovna