International Competition for Research Projects of Youth «Food Security»

Chugunova Olga Viktorovna  Scientific director of the competition “Food Industry: Technology, Innovation, Quality and Safety”, Head of the Department of Food Technology of USUE, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Lazarev Vladimir AlexandrovichScientific director of the competition “Innovations in the field of agro- and biotechnology, food and processing industries”, head of the Department of Food Engineering of USUE, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

The international competition of youth research projects “Food Security” has been held for more than 10 years by the Ural State University of Economics(Ural State University of Economics) with the participation of scientific supervisors and experts from the graduating departments of the Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship and Engineering: the Department of Food Technology and the Department of Food Engineering.

The purpose of the competition is to activate the research work of students of educational institutions, young scientists of research organizations and young practitioners - representatives of the business community and specialized organizations with the aim of applying knowledge and practical development of skills related to pressing issues of food security at the national and global level in the conditions of modern socio-economic realities.

Participants of the competition: students studying in secondary vocational education programs, bachelor's, specialist's and master's degrees, graduate students, young researchers at universities, research institutes, as well as representatives of other specialized organizations under the age of 25 who do not have an academic degree.

Research papers for the Competition can only be submitted by individual authors.

Research works and projects are submitted to the Competition in the following areas:

  1. “Food industry: technology, innovation, quality and safety”;
  2. “Innovations in the field of agro- and biotechnology, food and processing industries.”

Applications for participation in the Competition, competition works and abstracts of work must be submitted before March 20, 2024 through the website registration system.

Lists of competition finalists invited to present their works in person and to participate in the final events of the Forum will be published on the competition page after April 1 to April 10, 2024.

The in-person defense will take place on April 24, 2024 from 12:30 to 16:00, awarding on April 25, 2024.

The winners and prize-winners of each direction (section) of the Competition are awarded diplomas and cash prizes:

  • 15,000 rubles - for 1st place
  • 10,000 rubles - for 2nd place
  • 5,000 rubles - for 3rd place

The winners of the Competition, awarded a 1st degree Diploma, are awarded points for individual achievements when admitted to study at USUE in master's programs (2 points).

Based on the results of the final events, it is planned to release a collection of materials from the XIV EEYF, where the abstracts of the Competition finalists will be posted.

The collection will be indexed in the RSCI and on the website of the Ural State University of Economics.



Pankratieva Natalya Anatolevna
“Food industry: technology, innovation, quality and safety”. Associate Professor of the Department of Nutrition Technology, Candidate of Technical Sciences
+7 (912) 680-98-90
Brashko Ivan Sergeevich
“Innovations in the field of agro- and biotechnology, food and processing industries”. Assistant at the Department of Food Engineering
+7 (912) 695-00-96