International competition of research papers and projects for schoolchildren «Debut in Science»

Martyanova Irina Evgenievna Head of the Competition, Head of the Department for admission and pre-university preparation of USUE

Schoolchildren of all age groups from the 1st to 11th grade can participate in the Competition.

The competition is held from 02/01/2024 to 04/23/2024.

Applications from participants and competition papers are accepted until April 1, 2024, until 14:00 (local time).

Each participant must be registered on the official forum portal “Congress of Schoolchildren”. When registering on the portal, the participant must fill out an application, indicate the competition, the direction of the competition, and attach a file with the text of the competition paper. 

Directions of the Competition:

  “Economic Box” is a study in the field of national economy, popularization of scientific knowledge and its role in the development of sociocultural ties as a factor in the economic development of countries and regions.

  “Computer genius” is a study of information processes of any nature; creation of new information processing technology; scientific and engineering developments with the aim of creating, implementing and ensuring the effective use of computer equipment and technology in all spheres of human life.

 “Tasty. Healthy. Biotechnological” is a research in the field of a healthy lifestyle aimed at preventing diseases and promoting health; development and evaluation of food products, systems of intelligent human behavior that ensure physical and social well-being and active longevity.

  “Sociocultural connections. Integration-Development-Prospects" (in English for grades 9-11) is a study of historical and cultural ties as a tool for deepening mutual understanding and developing cooperation and the influence of Russian culture on the socio-economic development of countries and regions. 

The lists of the recommended participants for final defense are published on April 9, 2024 on the official forum portal in the section “Congress of Schoolchildren”. 

The final (open) defense will take place at USUE depending on the age group of the participants:

  • for pupils from the 1st to 7th grade – on April 23, 2024 at 10.00;
  • for pupils from the 8th to 11th grade – on April 22, 2024 at 10.00 

The award ceremony for the winners and nominees of the directions will take place:

  • for pupils from the 1st to 7th grade – on April 23, 2024 at 17.00;
  • for pupils from the 8th to 11th grade – on April 22, 2024 at 17.00                                                                                 

    * All participants will be awarded with the certificates.

    * The winners and nominees of the competition are determined in each direction.

    * Leaders of research projects will be awarded with the letters of gratitude.

   * Award documents of participants are taken into account when assigning additional points to the Unified State Exam upon admission to USUE.


Miroshnikova Elena GennadievnaCandidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Chemistry, USUE, Yekaterinburg
Chilicherkina Anastasia Petrovnahighest qualification category for the position of teacher, deputy director for academic work, Russian language teacher, secondary school No. 36 named after M.P. Odintsov, Yekaterinburg
Avramchuk Lyudmila ValerievnaHead of Energy Laboratories, Teacher at USUE, Unified Laboratory Complex / College, USUE, Ekaterinburg
Zolotareva Natalia ViktorovnaCandidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Business Foreign Language, USUE, Ekaterinburg


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