International Youth Olympiad of Scientific Works – Innovative Eurasia

Plakhin Andrey Evgenyevich Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the Olympiad is to identify and develop the participants' creative abilities, to provoke interest to research work in the innovation sector, to create conditions necessary for supporting young scientists, to promote scientific knowledge, to attract scientists and practitioners from the relevant fields to work with young people, to identify the gifted youth and to build up human resources for research, management and entrepreneurial activities.

The participants of the Olympiad are students, postgraduate students, postgraduate degree seekers, young research workers from universities, academic institutions in Russia and foreign countries, as well as employees of other interested organizations under the age of 35.

Research papers for the Olympiad should be sent individually or in teams of up to 2 persons.

The works should be submitted to the Olympiad in the following subject areas:

1. Innovative development of countries and companies;

2. Modern technologies of management and marketing in innovative entrepreneurship.

Applications for the participation in the Competition, competitive research papers and abstracts of papers should be submitted before the 20th of March 2023 through the registration system on the website.

Lists of the competition finalists, who will be invited to the public presentation of their papers and participation in the final events of the Forum, will be published on the Competition webpage from the 1 st of April until the 10th of April 2023.

The public presentation will take place on the 27th of April 2023 from 10:30 to 15:30. Award ceremony will take place on the 27th of April 2023 from 13:30 to 15:00.

The winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad will be awarded with diplomas, medals and cash prizes:

  • 1st place – 15 000 rubles
  • 2nd place – 10 000 rubles
  • 3rd place – 5 000 rubles

The winners of the Olympiad, awarded the 1st degree Diplomas, will receive points for individual achievements at the admission to USUE for master's programs (2 points).

Upon termination of the final events, we are planning to release a collection of materials from the XIII EEYF with the abstracts of the finalists’ works. This collection will be included in the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) and placed on the website of Ural State University of Economics.

Participation in the Olympiad is also possible using remote technologies – registered participants and experts will get access to USUE cloud resources via the MS Office 365 platform and will be able to join the interactive sessions as part of the organized events through teams created in MicrosoftTeams.



Ogorodnikova Ekaterina Sergeevna
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship