International Research Competition "Digital Discovery"

Mansurov Gafur Zakirovich Doctor of Law, Head of the Department of Civil Law, USUE

The international student research competition "Digital Discovery" is held by the Ural State Economic University (USUE) as part of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

The purpose of the competition is to increase students' interest in their chosen profession, to stimulate research activities in the field of economics and law.

Competition objectives: 

  • identify the analytical potential of young lawyers and financiers;
  • to stimulate the process of exchange of knowledge, ideas, experience in the use of mechanisms of legal regulation of economic processes;
  • to ensure the integration of youth science with the global research environment;
  • to form the skills of conducting comparative legal research, developing recommendations for improving legislation .

Directions of the Competition: 

  1. Legal basis for the digital economy of Russia and the EAEU countries.
  2. Digital legal relations in Russia and in the EAEU countries: species affiliation, content and comparative analysis.
  3. Law and the digital economy of Russia and the EAEU countries: a comparative analysis.
  4. Digitalization of legal relations in Russia and the EAEU countries: the challenge of modernity.
  5. Regulatory regulation of the digital environment in Russia and in the EAEU countries. 

The participants of the Competition are students of universities, academic institutions of Russia and foreign countries, as well as employees of other interested organizations aged 18 to 35 years.

Finished works, performed individually or collectively (in teams of up to 3 people), are submitted to the competition.

Priority (in the form of additional points) is given to competitive research works performed in the areas of the Competition within the framework of theme XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum. 

Applications for participation in the Competition, competitive works and abstracts of works are submitted until March 20th 2023 through the registration system of the site:

  • an individual participant submits an application through the registration system of the site, choosing the category "individual participation";
  • team participation. Each team member submits an application for participation through the registration system of the site, choosing the category "team participation", then - "team captain" or "team member". In the field "Theme of the work" everyone indicates the name of their work. The captain of the team attaches a file with the work to the registration form, where all the authors of the work are indicated; as well as a file with abstracts of work. 

The lists of the finalists of the competition invited to face-to-face defense of works and to participate in the final events of the Forum will be published on the competition page from the 1 st until the 10 th of April. 

Full-time defense will take place on April 26th, 2023 from 10:30 to 15:30, awarding on April 27th, 2023 from 15:00 to 16:00 

in the Competition is also possible using remote technologies - registered participants and experts get access to USUE cloud resources based on the MS Office 365 platform and connect to interactive sessions within the framework of events through teams created in Microsoft Teams 

The winners and prize-winners of the Competition are awarded with diplomas, orders and cash prizes: 

  • 15 000 rubles - for 1st place
  • 10,000 rubles - for 2nd place
  • 5,000 rubles - for 3rd place

The winners of the Contest, awarded with the Diploma of the 1st degree, are awarded points for individual achievements in admission to study at the USG UE for master's programs (2 points ). 

Based on the results of the final events, it is planned to release a collection of materials of the XIII EEYF, where the abstracts of the finalists of the Competition will be posted. The collection will be posted in the RSCI and on the website of the Ural State University of Economics.



Svalova Natalya Alexandrovna