International essay competition in English «Social Justice: Problems, Discussions, Solutions»

Stikhina Irina Aleksandrovna Scientific director of the competition, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

The international essay competition in English “Social Justice: Problems, Discussions, Solutions” is held by the Ural State University of Economics (Ural State University of Economics) within the framework of the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum. The competition is dedicated to the World Day of Social Justice. In this regard, in many countries of the world, educational lectures, seminars, and conferences are held at which pressing problems of the social sphere are discussed, proposals for improving legislation, employment programs, and social security are considered.

Objectives of the Competition:

  • drawing the attention of participants to the problem of social inequality that arises for people due to their gender, age, race, ethnicity or religion, culture or disability;
  • analysis and critical understanding of the problem identified by the theme of the Competition, searching for possible solutions;
  • increasing interest in learning English as a language of international cooperation and joint discussion of global human problems.

Directions of the Competition:

  1. Social justice and problems of age discrimination. The situation in the world and in Russia.
  2. Analysis of experience and practical proposals for solving the problem of age discrimination.

The competition is held in the form of a selection of the best essays, presented in English, prepared on the basis of an analytical approach to the areas of the Competition, and the creative application of knowledge and skills in the field of a foreign language as a tool for the Competition participant. The finalists present their work in full-time defense in the form of an oral presentation.

Participants of the Competition: students of non-linguistic areas of training at universities, academic institutions in Russia and foreign countries, as well as other interested organizations aged from 18 to 35 years.

Completed works performed individually are submitted to the competition.

Applications for participation in the Competition and competition works must be submitted until March 20, 2024 through the website registration system.

Lists of competition finalists invited to present their works in person and to participate in the final events of the Forum will be published on the competition page from April 1 to April 10, 2024.

The in-person defense will take place on April 24, 2024, the award ceremony will take place on April 25, 2024.

The winners and prize-winners of each direction of the Competition are awarded diplomas and cash prizes:

  • 7,000 rubles - for 1st place
  • 5,000 rubles - for 2nd place
  • 3,000 rubles - for 3rd place

The winners of the Competition, awarded a 1st degree Diploma, are awarded points for individual achievements when admitted to study at USUE in master's programs (2 points).

Based on the results of the final events, it is planned to release a collection of materials from the XIV EEYF, where the abstracts of the Competition finalists will be posted. The collection will be posted in the RSCI and on the website of the Ural State University of Economics.



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