Mayor of Yekaterinburg supports the XIII EEYF

Head of Yekaterinburg Aleksei Orlov held a meeting dedicated to the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

Aleksei Orlov noted that he had repeatedly taken part in international events organized by USUE. “The forum is a traditional lively topic, and, most importantly, with very representative excellent results,” the head of the city said, “It is necessary to make every effort so that this year it would also be held at a fair level.”  

The rector of the university briefly informed the mayor of the regional capital on the EEYF history. In 2022 alone, at a special time for Russian foreign policy, delegations from 149 universities visited the USUE forum. Among the foreign guests were 25 ambassadors and 56 diplomats from the CIS countries, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and South America. The total number of forum participants exceeded 8300 people. 

“Like in previous years, the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum promises to become one of the brightest and largest international events, not only in the city but also in the Middle Urals as a whole,” Yakov Silin explained. “Therefore, we propose this year forum be officially held under the auspices of the celebration of the Yekaterinburg 300th anniversary.” 

In response, Aleksei Orlov expressed overwhelming support to the forum from the city’s Administration. Besides, the event supported the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The emblem of the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg will neighbor upon the EEYF logo on all branded products of the forum. In addition, within the framework of the media forum scheduled on the eve of the official plenary session, there will be a special meeting of diplomats and journalists with the leadership of the city and region will take place, where foreign guests will be introduced to the tricentennial history of the Ural capital, as well as to its modern industrial, financial, and social achievements.

Within the Congress of Economists and Financiers, the Mayor will head the International Competition for Applied Projects of Young Scientists and Specialists “City: Open the future”.

The meeting was also attended by the heads of the Yekaterinburg Administration departments, who will interact with the university to prepare for the forum: Deputy Heads of Yekaterinburg Dmitry Nozhenko, Sergei Plakhotin, Ekaterina Sibirtseva, and Marina Fadeeva (Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg - Head of the Administrative Office at the Yekaterinburg Administration).

The University was represented by Rector, Yakov Silin, Vice-Rector for Social Work and Youth Policy, Roman Krasnov, Vice-Rector for Research, Viktor Kovalev, Scientific Secretary and assistant to the Rector, Elena Nadeina, and advisor to the Rector, Artyom Shumailov.

They initiated a proposal to encourage the winners and organizers of the XIII EEYF with Letters of Thanks for their contribution to the organization of events dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg.