Results of the XIV EEYF

From April 22 to April 26, 2024, Yekaterinburg hosted the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum organized by Ural State University of Economics. In 2024, the theme of the XIV EEYF was “Russia - Eurasia – the World. Integration - Development - Perspective.”

This year, EEYF gathered a record number of guests and participants: over 17 thousand people from 114 countries and 81 regions of Russia. At the grand opening at Yekaterinburg-EXPO, representatives of three continents from countries friendly to Russia were welcomed by USUE rector Yakov Silin.


“I am glad to welcome you to the center of Eurasia - in Yekaterinburg. The Eurasian Economic Youth Forum takes place in Yekaterinburg and at eleven other sites: St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc. We are forming long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with those states and peoples with whom we have a common understanding of the future and coinciding values, as the President of the Russian Federation repeatedly said.”


Schoolchildren, university students, and young scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan submitted over 10 thousand projects for 50 competitions within six Congresses. Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. About 100 persons became the first-class laureates. About 800 experts evaluated the participants’ works and delivered public lectures on economics, education, innovation, financial and computer security, management and law, tourism, sustainable development, taxation, and financial integration of Eurasia. 32 public lectures were simultaneously given on the second day of the XIV EEYF.

55 representatives of Russian and foreign universities from 10 countries took part in the Rectors’ Forum dedicated to development and cooperation between Eurasian universities. As part of this and other meetings, there was the signing of several documents implying the academic mobility of students, teaching staff, joint scientific research, and the exchange of experience in various areas.

72 diplomats arrived to support the dialogue on the hot topic of geopolitical and macroeconomic transformation. They took part in a roundtable “Dialogue on Equals”, together with international students, as well as in International Diplomats’ Forum with the participation of major public associations, entrepreneurship, and government bodies.

This year, over 5 thousand people visited the festival of cultures “Around the World”. 23 public organizations representing their nationalities - the Tatars, Dagestanis, Hindu, Belarusians, Russian Germans, Poles, Georgians, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijanis - attended it.

For the second time, the EEYF hosted the Media Forum “Media in the Context of Eurasian Integration: Challenges and Prospects.” It brought together representatives of 52 Russian and foreign media of various profiles, including journalists from new regions of Russia. The principal partner of USUE in organizing the media forum was the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group.

For the fourth time, the Ural Queen rapid chess tournament named after the great grandmaster, multiple world chess champion Anatoly Karpov, took place at USUE. Over a hundred chess players competed for the prestigious award under the auspices of the Chess Federation of the Sverdlovsk region. A USUE student, Konstantin Zaspamov took third place in the tournament.

esides, as part of EEYF, Russian national sambo competitions among students were held in memory of the USSR honored coach Yevgeny Chumakov. Its participants were 110 athletes from different regions of Russia. The champion in weight category up to 71 kg was a 22-year-old master of sports, Varuzhan Sarkasyan, who performed for USUE.

The XIV EEYF ended with awarding all winners and runners-up who participated in the competitions.

Here you can find out how the XIV EEYF was covered in media.

The XV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum will take place in 2025. We invite to take part in it everyone who is interested in youth science and international integration in a variety of fields, who is active and strives for personal and career growth!