Another EEYF site in Kyrgyzstan

Osh State University has become a partner of the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum. Three competitions will be held at the site of the university.

Osh State University (OshSU) has proclaimed its participation in the XIII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum - “Multipolar world in focus of new reality”. Rector of Osh State University Kudaiberdi Kozhobekov confirmed in a letter to USUE Rector, chair of the EEYF Organizing Committee Yakov Silin that the university is ready to act as a platform for holding competitions within the framework of the forum.


Osh State University announced the holding of three competitions: the international Olympiad “Using IFRS in the national accounting regulation”, the international online Olympiad “Economics and finance of the polycentric world”, and the international research competition “Issues of state-building and citizens rights”.

Osh State University is one of the most popular universities in Kyrgyzstan. Now, over 28 thousand students are studying at the university in 72 specialties. 1700 international students from 27 countries receive education at Osh State University. OshSU has become the second site of the EEYF in Kyrgyzstan. Earlier, the M. Ryskulbekov Kyrgyz Economic University became a partner university of the forum announcing the organization and running of six competitions.


Besides, nine partner universities declared their intention to be venues of the forum: St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Belarus State Economic University, Tajik National University, M. Ryskulbekov Kyrgyz Economic University, Azerbaijan State Economic University, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Tashkent State University of Economics, Almaty Technological University, and Vladivostok State University.