UN goals through the eyes of youth

The results of the international competition for children’s and youth creativity “I’m an Artist. UN Sustainable Development Goals as Seen by Young People”, organized for the first time within EEYF in 2023. USUE students became the winners in one of the three age groups.

The head of the competition from USUE, Alla Matveeva, director of the Institute of Master’s Studies, said that the organization of such competitions was very useful for popularizing the goals of the UN. They are a priority for the inhabitants of any country. These are good health and well-being, no poverty, quality education, decent work and economic growth, strong institutions for the development of economy.

The co-organizers of the competition were UNESCO Club “Sovushka” and the UN Information Center in Moscow with the support of the Interim Committee for the Accreditation of UNESCO Clubs under the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

International competition “I’m an Artist. UN Sustainable Development Goals as seen by Young People” was held as an electronic exhibition from February 1 to April 27, 2023 on the EEYF website. Participants in three age groups, from 13 to 25 years old, presented their creative works for the competition.

The works were evaluated both by professional artists, members of the Union of Artists of Russia, members of the UNESCO “Sovushka” club, and experts from UN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agencies. They were Vladimir Kuznetsov, chairperson of the team of UN agencies in Russia, director of the UN Information Center (Moscow), Aleksei Borisov, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Association for UN Assistance, Vice President of the World Federation of UN Associations, head of the UNESCO Department at MGIMO, Grigory Petushkov, director of the Institute of Youth Policy and International Relations of the RTU MIREA, Alexander Alimov, director of the Department for Multilateral Humanitarian Cooperation and Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The competition sparked the interest of participants from Russia and countries of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

“Scientists from different countries focus on distinct features of sustainable development, which is determined both by worldview and scientific grounds, and by the system of national goals. Our task is to draw attention to the UN goals of as many students as possible. We are going to hold the “I’m an Artist” competition every year and, at the request of the participants, we will add another age group - 26-38 years old,” Vladimir Kuznetsov shared the plans.

The winners in the age group of 21-25 years old were USUE students Uliana Zykova, group EK-19-3, and Andrei Bagin, a master student, group MB-22.


After finishing the bachelor’s program, Uliana plans to do a master’s degree at USUE and connect her life with foreign economic activity.

“The involvement of young people in the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals as the global goals of mankind has grown. If earlier they talked about ecology mainly in a negative way, now there is less skepticism. Such competitions attract young people, and I would like more and more new participants to join the contest every year. Next year I will participate and invite my friends!”  Uliana Zykova said.

Apart from studying in the International Business group in English, Andrei is also a professional figure skater and master of sports. He takes part in Russian Figure Skating Championship, wins prizes, and, at the same time, he fitted the competition of creative works into his schedule.