International video competition «I choose...»

Martyanova Irina Evgenievna Head of the Competition, Head of the Department for admission and pre-university preparation of USUE

International video competition “I choose...” is held within the framework of the Congress of Schoolchildren of the XIV Eurasian Economic Youth Forum “Russia-Eurasia-World. Integration-Development-Perspective”.

Goals and objectives of the Competition:

  1. The purpose of the Competition is to promote and provide support to talented youth in the social and professional self-determination of high school students.
  2. Increasing motivation and developing intellectual thinking among high school students in the field of professional self-determination.
  3. Promoting the development of creative abilities, self-presentation skills, communication culture, the value of work and professionalism in the future profession among high school students.
  4. Expanding the knowledge of high school students about the modern world of professions.

The competition is carried out in two directions:

  • “Cool profession”;
  • “Profession of the future.” 

Applications for participation in the Competition are accepted until April 1, 2024 through the website registration system. Each team member must register, and the team captain and team members must indicate the same team name.

An active link to the video should be sent to with the note “International video competition “I choose...””.

The video must be made in MP4 format, posted on online resources (Rutube, YouTube, VK) or cloud storage (Yandex, Mail, Google) with the hashtag #EEYF #I CHOOSE #Profession of the Future. The duration of the video is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The video can be presented in a documentary, artistic (game) style.

The publication of the best videos will take place on 04/02/2024 in the following communities: VK “I’m entering USUE! Applicant - 2023" -; on the website - “USUE Entrant” -; and voting begins.

Based on the results of voting from 04/02/2024 to 04/09/2024, the winners of the Competition will be determined. The list of winners will be published on April 10, 2024.

The awarding ceremony for the winners of the Competition will take place on April 22, 2024 at 17:00 at USUE (Ekaterinburg, Russia). 

The winners of the competition will receive a diploma of I, II, III degrees.

Special prizes and nominations will be awarded by a separate decision of the Competition expert council.

Participants – 11th grade students – receive certificates as laureates of the XIV EEYF. EEYF laureates receive additional points towards the Unified State Examination for individual achievements.


Koksharova Victoria MaksimovnaInspector of the Career Guidance Department, Department of Admission and Pre-University Training, USUE, Yekaterinburg


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