Congress of Economists

Congress of Innovators

Congress of Service Technology

Congress of strategists

Congress of Schoolchildren


APRIL 25-29, 2022



Finalists’ competition terms of participation X EEFM


  •  Participants’ arrival - During the day
  •  08:30-10:30 - Participants’ registration   (1st floor hall)
  •  10:30-12:30Opening of the Forum. Plenary session.  (House of Culture)
                            Online broadcasting of plenary session (aud. 152)
  •  10:15-10:30 Opening of the Schoolchildren’s Congress «Сelebratory assembly» (2nd floor hall)
  •  10:30-17:30 - SCHOOLCHILDREN CONGRESS International competition of research works and projects among students «Debut in science» (aud. 561, 658, 757, 764, 772)
  •  17:00-18:00 - SCHOOLCHILDREN CONGRESS Creative contest «The life of the student in 2050» (aud. 254)
  •  12:30-14:00 -The work of interactive sites (1st floor hall/2nd floor hall)
  •  12:30-14:00 - VIP lunch  (Forum Cafe)
  •  14:00-15:00 - Press conference/The signing of interuniversity agreements  (aud. 152)
  •  16:00-17:00 - International Diplomatic Forum «Public Diplomacy as a Form of Dialogue and Trust in Modern International Relations»  (aud. 152) 
  •  17:00-18:00 - Solemn reception of the Sverdlovsk region Governor, Kuyvashev E.V  
  •  14:00-15:00 - Events:
    Congress of Economists (Coordinator: V. Zh. Dubrovsky):
    • Open lecture «The Factor of Confidence in the Interaction of Market Subjects: Theoretical Approaches, Modern Trends, and Research Problems», expert: Olga Oyner  (aud. 258)
    • Open lecture «Digitalization of the economy, in particular transport and logical complex of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan», expert: Gayni Mukhanova  (aud. 453)
    Congress of Innovators (Coordinator: A. Yu. Kokovikhin):
    • Open lecture «Future of the world of work - challenges for Russia», expert: Tatyana Razumova  (aud. 215)
    • Open lecture «Cyber literacy and information security issues in Russia, Asia, Africa, Latin America», expert: Alexey Grishin  (aud. 751) 
    • Open lecture «Russian-Thai cooperation: development prospects in the digital economy era Bangkok», expert: Adul Kamlaithong (aud. 659)
    Congress of Financiers (Coordinator: M. S. Maramygin):
    • Open lecture «Financial literacy - as the foundation of the mutual trust economy», expert: Anna Zelentsova (aud. 262)
    • Open lecture «Functioning of the state audit system in Kazakhstan », expert: Elmira Syzdykova (aud. 311)
    Congress of Service Technologies (Coordinator: V. P. Solovieva), congress of Schoolchildren (Coordinator: I.E. Martyanova):
    • Open lecture «Interconnection between the countries of Latin America and Russia», expert: Alas Perunas (aud. 254)
    • Open lecture «Emotional intelligence, as a form of interstate integration in the youth environment on the example of intellectual games», expert: Alexey Blinov (Reading room)
    • Open lecture «Problems and prospects for the development of environmental standardization in the Russian Federation and in the world», expert: Oleg Rosenthal (aud. 113)
    • III International Scientific and Practical Conference «Actual problems of the food industry and public catering», expert: Oleg Rosenthal (aud. 150)
  •  15:00-15:30 - Coffee Break
  •  15:30-17:00 - Events:
    Congress of Economists 
    (Coordinator: V. Zh. Dubrovsky):
    • Open lecture «BRICS - imperatives and potential for economic cooperation », expert: Kumar Bupendra   (aud. 258)
    • Open lecture «Trust in Relations between foreign partners», expert: Borislav Bjelicic  (aud. 322)
    • Open lecture «Trade and economic relations between Russia and Azerbaijan: development prospects», expert: Khankishiyev Khankishi Samad oglu  (aud. 453)
    • Open lecture «Organizational Behavior - Answering New Challenges», expert: Noemy Piritz  (aud. 451)
  • Congress of Innovators (Coordinator: A. Yu. Kokovikhin):
    • Open lecture «New approaches to the integration of higher economic education in Russia and Uzbekistan», expert: Azam Ahmedov  (aud. 215)
    • Open lecture «Forming the Competences of the Future in the Economy of Mutual Confidence», expert: Anna Krasnova (aud. 659)
    • Open lecture «US Trade War - China», expert: Lyudmila Lipkova (aud. 113)
    • Video link «Social entrepreneurship in Russia and Kazakhstan: opportunities and prospects», speaker: Nurzhan Alzhanova (aud. 656)
    • Video link «Management aspects of the Israeli healthcare system», speaker: Alexander Aizikovich (aud. 461)
  • Congress of Financiers (Coordinator: M. S. Maramygin):
    • Open lecture «Financial basis for improving the skills of workers in the economy of mutual trust», expert: Janet Simanavichene (aud. 262)
    • Open lecture «The role of accounting in the corporate bank governance», expert: Zafar Umarov (aud. 311)
  • Сongress of Service Technologies (Coordinator: V. P. Solovieva), congress of Schoolchildren (Coordinator: I.E. Martyanova):
    • Open lecture «Food resources of Kyrgyzstan Republic in the market of the Eurasian Economic Union», expert: Keneshbek Alymbekov (Reading room)
    • Open lecture «Development Progress of Heilongjiang Province», expert: Na Zhang (aud. 254)
    • Open lecture «International intellectual game on the economic problems of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Russia», responsible: Olga Ergunova (Atomic Energy Information Center)
    • III International Scientific and Practical Conference «Actual problems of the food industry and public catering», responsible: Tikhonov S. (aud. 150)
  •  18:30-20:30Business meals
  •  08:30-10:30Registration of participants
  •  10:00-14:30 - Festival of national intellectual games. Match for chess among veterans and students of the Sverdlovsk region Grand Nutcracker (Sports complex of the USUE, game room)
  •  10:30-17:00Schoolchildren Congress: International intellectual and entertaining game «Intellect of Eurasia» (Atomic Energy Information Center)
  •  14:00-17:30 - Schoolchildren Congress: Culinary competition for the best dessert «Gift for EEYF» (2nd floor of the main building)
  •  10:30-12:30 - Events:
    Congress of Economists (Projects presentations):
    • International Competition of Students’ and Young Researchers’ Scientific Projects «Competitiveness of the Territories»
      • «Microeconomics» (aud. 666)
      • «Mesoeconomics » (aud. 258)
      • «Macroeconomics» (aud. 459)
    • International Competition «Corporate Governance and Investment in the Global Economy» (aud. 759)
    • International Competition of Students’ and Young Researchers’ Projects «EURASIA GREEN» (aud. 653)
    • Competition of projects «The City: Open the Future» (aud. 254)
    • International Competition of Students’ and Young Researchers’ Projects «Regulatory Impact Assessment in Public Administration» (aud. 659)
    • International competition of research works «The economy of trust and the quality of life of three continents» (aud. 754)
    • International Competition of Students’ and Young Researchers’ Projects «Behavioral Economics: The Modern Concept of Economic Development» (aud. 561)
    • International competition of young scientists and students’ research works «Socio-cultural ties as the basis of trust relationships in the economy» (aud. 150)
    Congress of Innovators (projects presentations):
    • International Olympiad of Students’ and Young Researchers’ Projects «Innovative Eurasia»
      • «Modern technologies of management and marketing in innovative entrepreneurship» (aud. 564)
      • «Innovative development of countries and companies» (aud. 656)
    • International Competition «Young Professionals of Eurasia» (aud. 772)
    • International Web Design Championship «IT-Designer» (aud.153 / 155)
    • International competition in the field of information security «UsueVSFI» (aud. 338, 518)
    • International contest of young scientists’ and students’ applied projects «Applied IT solutions in science, business and government» (aud. 758)
    • International contest of young scientists’ and students’ applied projects «MARKETING CHALLENGE OF TRENTO» (aud. 756)
    • International Contest of Business Projects «Business Eurasia» (aud. 451)
    Congress of Financiers (projects presentations):
    • International Olympiad «The Use of IFRS in the National Accounting Regulations» (aud. 559, 262)
    • Scientific and applied competition «Project Laboratory of Financial Literacy» (aud. 151)
    • Tax Olympiad (aud. 763)
    • International competition of projects «Legal Models of New Economy» (aud. 453)
    • International Scientific and Applied Competition «BLOCKCHARE - SANDMAN» (aud. 461)
    • Scientific and applied competition «FINANCIAL DESIGNER» (aud. 660)
    • International Olympiad of students of educational institutions of secondary vocational education in the specialty 38.02.07 BANKING (aud. 551)
    • Competition for youth initiatives  «Open Budget» (aud. 764)
    Congress of Service Technologies (projects presentations):
    • International Contest of Research Projects «Food Security»
      • «Nutrition - the main factor determining human health» (aud. 311) 
      • «Innovative technologies in the areas of agricultural production, food and processing industries» (aud. 313)
      • «The quality and safety of goods as factors of competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets» (aud. 608)
    • International competition of research youth projects  «LOGISTICS OF PRODUCTION» (aud. 504)
    • International competition of professional resumes for students of the training’s service areas  «FORMULA OF HOSPITALITY. HORECA AND TOURISM» (aud. 322)
    • Competition «Tournament of Natural Sciences» (aud. 501)
    • International competition of research youth projects for students «The quality of the future: a new reality of sustainable development» (aud. 334)
  •  12:30-14:00 - VIP-Lunch (Forum Cafe) Dinner (Student cafe)
  •  12:30-14:30The work of interactive sites  (1st floor hall/2nd floor hall)
  •  14:00-14:30 - Awarding ceremony Festival of national intellectual games. Match for chess among veterans and students of the Sverdlovsk region «Grand Nutcracker» (Sports complex of the USUE, game room)
  •  18:00-20:00 -  Friendship Ball (House of Culture)
  •  10:00-12:00Festival of national intellectual games. Rope pulling competition. (Sports Complex USUE)
  •  13:30-15:00 - Congress of Service Technologies: Awarding Ceremony (aud. 258)
  •  10:00-11:30Congress of Economists: Awarding Ceremony (aud. 262)
  •  15:00-17:30Congress of Innovators: Awarding Ceremony (aud. 254)
  •  11:30-17:00Congress of Financiers: Awarding Ceremony (aud. 254)


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