Marketing Challenge

This year, assignments for students were prepared by USUE partner companies from Italy, the Czech Republic, and Russia. The participants conducted comprehensive studies from October 2022 to April 2023.


The competition “Trento Marketing Challenge” is the same age as EEYF. It is traditionally held in partnership with the University of Trento (Italy) and the North Caucasian Federal University (NCFU).


“Companies that are interested in entering the markets of the Asian region, Latin America, Africa, instruct students to develop elements of an international marketing strategy, and we are grateful to partner companies for their support,” says Andrey Drevalev, coordinator of the competition, senior lecturer at the USUE Department of Marketing and International Management. “For students, this is, of course, an invaluable experience of working on a practical consulting project. Participants gain experience not within the internship provided for by the curriculum, but by plunging into the actual problems of companies that directly solve the problems of entering foreign markets and developing Russian non-commodity exports.


The organizers of the competition decided to mix the teams to combine the competencies of different students. In total, representatives of 10 countries joined the competition this year, forming 7 teams. “Each team has a representative from Italy, Russia and other countries that have competencies on the market. These are representatives of Mexico, Peru, Belarus, Turkey and others. Therefore, the competition is less scientific and more aimed at practical activities,” Andrey Drevalev sums up.

The winners and prize-winners of the competition are awarded with certificates, money prizes, and also granted extra points when entering USUE, for example, a master’s program.