Within the framework of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, diplomats from 32 countries met with students from all over Russia. Representatives of diplomatic missions and students discussed how seriously the political Diplomats from 32 countries met with students situation affects the economy.

Dialogue on Equals is traditionally held on the eve of the plenary meeting of the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum. Opening the meeting, USUE rector Yakov Silin first thanked the diplomats for participating in such an important event: “Under the current situation in the modern world, this is especially important. I thank you for your courage, wisdom, and far-sightedness and I wish to say that we are ready for comprehensive cooperation. We are ready to be as useful as possible to everyone who comes to Russia, the Urals and our University to gain knowledge and build good relations for decades, so that our children and grandchildren live in peace, friendship, and harmony. I open our meeting and hope it will be useful, and I wish you good luck!”

The Dialogue on Equals is dedicated to the adaptation and socialization of international students in Russian universities. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Syria to Russia Riad Haddad noted that Russian education was highly valued in Syria, that a diploma from a Russian university made it possible to take a post in government agencies, and therefore his compatriots strive to enter universities of the Russian Federation. However, having arrived in the Russian Federation for the first time, they have a hard time: “This is a different life in unusual circumstances, far from family and friends, so a student faces a language barrier, an unusual climate, so he or she feels sad and wants to return home. I think that one of the best ways to adapt them will be sports and social clubs, they will give students the opportunity to organize their interests, and they will also help foreigners better adapt to local traditions and lifestyle, fall in love with Russian cuisine and even learn how to cook some dishes.”  

Ambassadors and consuls of 32 countries, including the Republic of Yemen, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Tunisia and many others, took part in the Dialogue on Equals. The diplomats emphasized how important it was for them to keep in touch with compatriots living in Russia. “I would like to say that our embassy has close ties with our students. We travel all over Russia, supervise, and ask the guys how they live. By the way, one reason I came to the forum is the desire to talk with students from Ecuador. There are 27 of them at Ural State University of Economics. I wish brilliant success to our compatriots and all forum participants,” said the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ecuador to Russia Juan Fernando Holguin Flores.

Today, 1400 foreign students from 65 countries of the world study at Ural State University of Economics. 

In discussing with the ambassadors, the students were especially interested, what they thought about the revising the rankings of Russian universities by international organizations because of unilateral western sanctions. Students were advised not to look at rankings, but at the reputation of universities, how many countries trust a particular university with training their citizens. 

International students shared with the diplomats a problem very important for them. In Russia, the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard do not work now, it is impossible to receive money through the most famous international transfer systems, and because of this, students cannot pay for their education. The ambassadors said that they were trying to do everything so that their compatriots could receive transfers. USUE rector Yakov Silin said that USUE officials were working with each such case and were ready to shift payments: “The number one thing for you is to study!