Trees of Friendship planted during the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum next to Ural State University of Economics and at other EEYF sites continue to grow.

On August 8, the ground around the trees of the Alley of Friendship will be fertilized so that 13 Norway maples could grow better. And by the beginning of a new academic year, it is planned to install memorial steles not only near USUE but also at other sites of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, where Trees of Friendship were also planted: in St. Petersburg, Minsk, Baku, Bishkek, Astana, and Dushanbe.

Friendship Alley near our university was planted by guests of honor, diplomats, consuls and experts of the competition programs who came to the forum from 92 countries and 76 regions of Russia. Thanks to their joint efforts, now 13 Norway maples are growing next to USUE. One could follow the opening of the EEYF alley online. Representatives of all six international platforms-co-organizers of the XII EEYF joined the broadcast: St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Belarusian State University of Economics, Azerbaijan State University of Economics, M. Ryskulbekov Kyrgyz Economic University, the E.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University and the Tajik National University. Congratulating colleagues who laid both the Alley and also a wonderful tradition, USUE rector Yakov Silin said: “We gathered on the territory of Ural State University of Economics to plant Trees of Friendship as a sign of good intentions and excellent prospects. Every year, the number of participants in the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum is increasing. All of them are involved in a great noble cause for future generations living in different countries.”

The number of trees was not chosen by chance. In 2022, the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum was held for the twelfth time, but the event, which gave life to the future EEYF, was the International Youth Foresight Session “SCO-2039 Summit” in 2009, when students from several countries gathered at USUE. Then, about 200 students and schoolchildren from several countries discussed the prospects and predicted how world relations would develop for thirty years ahead. Therefore, there are not 12 maples but 13.

The beautification of the USUE Alley of Friendship will continue so that it becomes a pleasant place for recreation for Yekaterinburg residents. In the long term, there will be a sidewalk between two rows of maples and benches along the alley.​