II rapid chess tournament «Ural Queen» named after A.E. Karpov

 27 on April 2022  14:00-20:00, 
accreditation from 13:00-13:30(held in the reading room of the USUE Library Regulations on the tournament)

The planned number of participants is 60 people.

Goal: development and popularization of chess among young people.


  • attracting young people to chess for the purpose of intellectual, cultural and aesthetic development;
  • improving sports skills;
  • improving the opportunities and mechanisms of socialization of young people. 

Chess players of at least 2 categories from 16 to 25 years old can take part in the competitions (hereinafter referred to as participants). 

Applications for participation in competitions are submitted until April 25, 2022 through the registration system of the website of the Department of Physical Education and Sports http://sport.usue.ru/ .

Winners and prize-winners (from 1st to 6th place) are awarded with cash prizes:

  • 30,000 rubles - for 1 place
  • 25,000 rubles - for the 2nd place
  • 20,000 rubles - for the 3rd place
  • 15,000 rubles - for the 4th place
  • 7,000 rubles - for the 5th place
  • 3,000 rubles - for the 6th place 

Participants - students of grades 10-11 and students of the III-IV courses of colleges, receive a certificate of the laureate of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, and when applying to study at USUE for full-time bachelor's degree, they are awarded 5 (five) points for individual achievements.

Students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs - winners of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum (1-6 places of the Ural Queen tournament) receive a Winner's Diploma, and when applying to study at USUE for full-time master's degree, they are awarded 2 (two) points for individual achievements.



Tournament Coordinators

Full nameTel.e-mail
Kocheryan Maxim Arturovich

+7 (922)205-82-26

Dorovskikh Vladimir Anatolyevich