International intellectual and entertainment game «Intellect of Eurasia» // Congress of schoolchildren

  27 April 2022   10:30-17:00

Martyanova Irina Evgenievna

The game "Intellect of Eurasia" is a team game in which participants (teams of 5 people), students of grades 9-11 compete with each other in the ability to find the correct answer to the question posed to them in a limited time.

Theme of the game: "Russia and regions of the world"

Applications for participation in the Game are accepted until April 01, 2022 through the registration system of the site. Registration must be completed by each team member, while the team captain and team members must indicate the same team name.

Game format. The game consists of two stages:


until April 22, 2022 for teams from Russia,

April 26-27, 2022 for teams from the CIS countries.

Stage 2. FINAL STAGE (April 27, 2022) The teams with the most points will participate in the finals.


*All participants in the final game will be awarded participation certificates.

*According to the results of the final game, the following are determined: the winning team and the prize-winning teams that took second and third places and are awarded a special prize - "STAR OF EURASIA".

*Award documents of participants are taken into account when accruing additional points to the Unified State Examination upon admission to USUE.  



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