International Olympiad «The use of IFRS in the national regulation of accounting»// Congress of financiers

  22 april 2020   10:30-15:30

Necheukhina Nadezhda Semyonovna
The Olympiad supervisor

The students of the accounting, analysis and audit, finance and credit, taxes and taxation, economics specializations are invited to participate in the Olympiad. The team should be of not more than six people. Each team member can take part in all stages of the Olympiad or in one of them.

The Olympiad will consist of individual testing and solving situational problems in the specialization subjects, creative team competition and scientific reports.

In order to become a participant in the Olympiad, you must register through the website registration system. At registration it is necessary to specify the e-mail address. The login and password of the participant and instructions for the individual testing will be sent to this address.

The Olympiad will be in two stages:

The QUALIFYING ROUND will be in the form of electronic testing in accounting and IFRS.

To pass the test you need to log in to the portal /,

enter the login and password received after the registration and proceed to the test.

The run time of the test task is 30 minutes. The number of questions is 15. The number of attempts to pass the test is 1.

The FINAL ROUND includes:

  1. Testing.
  2. Solving problems.
  3. Creative team competition (team presentation).
  1. Individual testing will be on financial accounting and IFRS. The run time of the test task is 40 minutes. The number of questions is 20. The number of attempts to pass the test is 1.
  2. Solving problems on “Financial accounting”, "Financial accounting reporting", “International standards of accounting and financial reporting”. The task run time is 90 minutes. The assessment of the task takes into account the correctness of the income classification, expenditure, cash flows and other objects of accounting and reporting, the correctness of the indicators calculations by the activity type and organization as a whole, monitoring indicators.
  3. The creative team contest “The Best accounting" will take place during the final round. Each team is an improvised accounting service that participates in competitions with different tasks. The teams will have to come up with a name, motto and choose the captain (chief accountant).
    The third creative competition involves the presentation of the teams using slides, videos, scenes, etc. (no more than 5 minutes). The jury will assess originality, creativity, ability to communicate with the audience.
  4. The last stage will be at sectional sessions, which include students' speeches with scientific reports on the subject of the forum. Evaluation criteria are relevance, novelty of approach, depth of research, use of modern research methodology, proficiency in professional argumentation.
    When summarizing the results, the scores on all 4 types of competitive tasks are taken into account.

Applications for participation in the Olympiad are accepted until April 1, 2018.

The Olympiad final event will be on April 18, 2018 from 10: 30 to 15: 30, awarding of participants - on April 19, 2018 from 15.30 to 17:00

The Olympiad winners and prize-winners will be awarded diplomas and cash prizes:

  • 15 000 RUB - for the 1st place
  • 10 000 rubles - for the 2nd place
  • 5 000 rubles - for the 3rd place

The Contest winners awarded the Diploma of the 1st degree, will be given additional points for individual achievements when applying for admission to study at the USUE master programs (4 points).

Congress of financiers


Kuter Mihail Isaakovich
Mirzohajot Usmonovich Boboev
Holbekov Rasul Olimovich
Sheshukova Tat'jana Georgievna
Galizdra Sergej Ivanovich
Chernenko Aleksej Fedorovich
Bychkova Svetlana Mihajlovna
Pankova Svetlana Valentinovna
Litvinova Natal'ja Borisovna
Isaenkova Oksana Vladimirovna
Kabanova Elena Viktorovna
Lozovnaja Natal'ja Evgenevna
Medvedev Andrej Jur'evich
Kolesnikov Sergej Ivanovich
Melnik Margarita Viktorovna
Galkina Marina Vladimirovna
Trjapicina Tatjana Vladimirovna

Competition coordinator

Matveeva Voleta Stasio +7 (912) 24-72-324
Naumova Regina Jeduardovna +7 (929) 221-75-08
+7 (343) 221-17-72